#16: A week after the survey for my big idea

John Dodson 0 months
The big idea fizzled.

I did, however, get ten responses from the survey. I believe that the responses probably came from maybe seven or eight unique individuals. It was a good idea to pull back from putting money into the responses because of extremely limited reach. As mentioned previously, I'll save that for a future "fundraiser". Despite the small sample, it did provide a little bit of insight.

Some interesting findings:

YouTube and podcasts covered the entirety of responses. Some were classified as different types of content, but all links were directed to YouTube (8) or a podcast platform (2). All ten responses were marked as never having financially supported the creator, but also would be willing to support that creator if it didn't require their own money. (A couple more responses were shared in the comments of my post, and it include one YouTube channel and one podcast.)

Videos & Podcasts

These results matched one hypothesis that I was interested in finding out. As we consume content for free, people would still like to be able to support their favorite creators more.

No disagreement in the responses

Again, the sample was very small, but it did point me in a direction I had been thinking about. How can I create an environment where audiences can support their favorite creators without the use of cash?

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