#7: What's keeping me up at night - Product vision

John Dodson 1 week
I am laying here in bed and my mind is racing, you know, the usual. A new year has begun and I’m at the point where we really have to get things going. I have so many ideas and a vision of what I hope Pivvt to become.

I have spent the majority of my career as a product manager, but as an entrepreneur this is my first time where it is up to me to call all of the shots. The ideas are endless but I really have to focus, because we have to be selective about who we target as our first customers. Additionally, having limited resources is not a new challenge, but the cost of waste is considerably higher.

Pivvt is effectively a marketplace of content creators and their audience, so I have to balance the chicken and the egg dilemma where we have to build our product to provide value for both sides. In our case content creators, or supply, is going to be most critical for us to get started with.

Do we have all the right features to get things going? I am using our product right now to create this post, and my hope is that our prospects will find it as useful as it is for me.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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