#19: Startup School Build Sprint

5 months
I've talked about Y Combinator before, and Startup School is a free program they put together to bring best practices curriculum to aspiring entrepreneurs. Let's just say that is is very well worth the cost! In all seriousness, it's a great model because they help to educate new founders which ultimately feeds into their Y Combinator program. There's no question that the program pays for itself; it's a brilliant funnel to their core business.

That said, they are kicking off their next iteration of the "Build Sprint" this week. This is a four week program for Startup School entrepreneurs to set a very specific goal to accomplish in that time, to help build momentum into the application deadline for the next YC summer cohort.

Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash

I am joining this Build Sprint to target building up our customer base. My goal for the next four weeks is:
Get 10 customers onboarded onto the new app.

So now that the world can see my goal (that includes the two of you who actually read this!), it's time to go out and get things done. Here's to a good four weeks, and I'll be sure to post updates about my experiences during that time, right here.

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