#22: Being a nurturing entrepreneur (dad)

4 months
I'm a dad and one of my primary responsibilities as an entrepreneur is to make sure that I stay a good dad. I also happen to be working with my wife on this startup of ours, so we have to be doubly thoughtful about how we raise our son.

COVID has had a lasting impact on our family as it pushed us toward something we had been exploring for some time, and that was to homeschool our son. He participated in remote learning after schools were shutdown a year ago, but as the summer was coming to an end, we faced the decision of what to do for the fall. We had enjoyed our time with him at home, which also happens to be our startup office, so with his enthusiastic approval we decided to homeschool him.

We have taken the path of giving him more freedom to explore what he wants to spend his time on and what to learn about. One thing that has been a pleasant surprise was the amount of interest he has put into reading, which also includes the entire Harry Potter series (he's almost done with book 7). He also has spent considerably more time than I would have imagined doing art, from drawing to cardboard construction. He confiscates most cardboard boxes from our Amazon deliveries, and has gone through a pile of origami paper and rolls and rolls of Scotch tape.

I love baseball, but building a stadium out of cardboard was entirely his idea!

He is still young, and leans towards playing as much as possible, so we spend time prompting him with more structured learning. My wife has been great helping him with math and Japanese study. I have been encouraging more hard skills like typing and coding, but also life skills as I take him shopping and have him help me with gardening.

Learning coding principles, and yes, that's his dwindling supply of Scotch tape on the bottom shelf.

We have been very blessed as the neighbors across the street have children that are being homeschooled this school year as well. They have been able to share recess time together, and play as often as weather permits. Our COVID quarantine was effectively our two houses and the street in between, but the kids stayed outside and faithfully wore their masks as they played. They have been extremely helpful and adaptable in such a strange time, but there's no doubt that they have also been having a blast as well.

Our homeschooling adventure is a work in progress and we will see how things change, especially as life outside begins to normalize. The business is starting to gain momentum, so we will have to make adjustments as I get busier with the startup. This special time in our lives has been a blessing and I am so very grateful for the time I have had to spend with my wife and son.

Here's to a successful business, and a successful family life!

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