#15: Quick update on the little big idea

John Dodson 1 month
It was a busy week/weekend working on getting some final pieces wrapped up for our app and landing page, and also putting in some work on my Y Combinator application (more about that later).

I finally had the chance to get around to preparing my survey to send out to people tomorrow. One thing that I thought about was that my test was actually more complicated than it needed to be. I thought about simplifying it a bit, especially it being the first one.

I'm removing the money and making it just a survey. Will people respond to share who their favorite creators are? I also ask if they've ever financially supported this creator, and if they would give if it didn't involve their own money. Very curious about answers to that one.

In the future, I would like to give out money, but perhaps that's something to be done in the future AFTER I gather a bit more traction, so we can raise even more money to give to creators.

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