Who are your favorite creators?

John Dodson 3 months
🔥 Independent content creators are the future of media. YouTube channels and podcasts have blown up in recent years, and there is so much amazing content available. With the abundance of content comes obscurity. It is hard to discover great creators because there is just so many of them out there. BUT where are they?

👀 I want to discover great content creators. Who are the creators that you check out regularly, whether if it's watching their videos, reading their articles, or listening to their podcast? Who are these hidden gems that you follow, whether once a week, or even every day?

⬇️ Please fill out the form below. I am working on compiling a list and will share it at the end of the survey. This survey will be open for just one week, so please submit your answers and share the link to this post (or survey) to your friends.

🙏🏼 Thank you so much for your input!

(The form asks for an email address; your address will NOT be shared. I will send a follow-up at the end of the survey, and will also be sending a thank you note to each person that responds via the form.)

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