#2: Building a startup in the middle of a pandemic

John Dodson 1 month
I began exploring my original concept for Pivvt in the fall of 2019, and we committed to it full-time in January 2020. Little did we realize that a global pandemic would cause a massive disruption in our country, including the early stay at home directive we experienced locally.

On the plus side, we as a team had already opted to sequester ourselves to a small home office and live off of savings for the time being. No problem there. However, our target customers faced major disruptions, which could have ended up being good or bad for us.

Due to the circumstances, we decided to work with the customer intel we had, and began building the alpha version of our software. We had the time and nowhere to go, so we decided to go faster than originally anticipated. We strayed a little from Lean Startup because of this, but surely the methodology did not consider a pandemic in decision making?

The shutdown of competition created a massive revenue need for our customers, which seemed like a huge opportunity for us, but... But with that disruption came contraction and even less desire from customers to take risk to try something new.

So here we are with a pivot in our business model, with an expanded focus of our customer base. What a ride 2020 has been, and now with a vaccine making its way across the country, we shall see what 2021 brings.

Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Unsplash

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