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3 months
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What a pleasure to interview the great Dr. Ted Naiman! We have followed Dr. Naiman's work for a long time now. Dr. Naiman has been using nutritional interventions to help his patients and followers for many years now, with great success. In 2019, he and nutrition and health expert (...and Power Ranger! The red one too, everyone's favorite, duh.) William Shewfelt wrote the book The PE Diet, focusing on the difference between consuming protein and minerals versus consuming energy, in the form of fat and carbohydrates. Dr. Naiman is one of the least dogmatic people we know, and freely shares his content on social media. We were so grateful to have him on the show!

Find Dr. Naiamn at-

And check out his amazing calculator!

NO MAN CAN EAT 50 EGGS. Cool Hand Luke, gotta love it!

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