A new direction for Pivvt

John Dodson 6 months
If any of you have been paying attention to what has been going on here (you three know who you are), we have been hyper focused on college sports. Our goal was to create a community of college sports fans by helping schools to raise money.

COVID brought on a disruption so large that every school was worried about revenue to cover 2020 expenses. However, with that came smaller budgets and less willingness to try something new. So I decided to make a pivot for Pivvt, to open up our focus.

Starting today, December 1, we are opening up the focus on college athletic departments to creators. These are people that create content for an audience. Our goal is to help those two groups connect in ways that other apps have not effectively managed to do.

Here's to our future. It is time to create a better internet experience.

Photo by Simon Berger, Unsplash

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