A Beginners Guide to The Carnivore Diet with Scott Myslinski 042

4 months
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Scott Myslinsk RETURNS to Boundless Body Radio on World Carnivore Month to lay out a plan for beginners who want to try the carnivore diet! Scott is the host of the fantastic podcast, The Carnivore Cast, which we love! Scott has been a great friend and mentor to us for about two years now. He is not dogmatic or religious about diet, and he does a great job explaining the science and gives a lot of practical tips for those who'd like to try! Even if you don't want to be on a strict diet, Scott explains why getting more nutrients from meat could be helpful for all of us! We are grateful for Scott and for his work!!

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FB- Carnivore Cast

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My favorite 30 Day Carnivore Get Started Guide from our friends at Meat Health

The Paleomedicina Food List

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