#21: Catching up. It's been a while...

4 months
I have to give a lot of credit to those that faithfully blog, YouTube, or podcast. It's a lot of work and takes dedication to keep on creating content, day after day. I guess if you make it a priority, it's going to be something that you just do, like waking up and going to work.

A lot has been happening in the life of this founder, which will need to be broken up in to many different, shorter posts.

I just wrapped up a four-week "Build Sprint" for Startup School, where I set a goal to find and activate 10 new user accounts in Pivvt. We were able to get six new accounts, and that was from weeks 1 and 3, but what we learned and were able to accomplish over that time was tremendous. I put in a lot of thought and action into our focus, and have emerged with an even clearer vision of where we are headed.

It is amazing the resources that are out there, that is available for free. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, go and sign up for Startup School. It's well worth it, if you put in the work.

That's it for now. More to come!

4 weeks well worth the time!

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