#9: Learning from others

John Dodson 1 week
Today I had the chance to speak with one of my favorite content creators on YouTube, CaffeineMan. I first came across his videos when looking up reviews comparing Bang and Reign energy drinks (video below). I enjoy his content so much that in order to support his channel, I sent him a few drinks for him to do reviews on, which is how we first connected.

As a software product manager it is critical to do "customer interviews" to learn about the experience of those using or who may use your product. Entrepreneurship is no different, as it is even more critical to understand your target audience and their motivations and pain-points, to make sure you are building the right thing.

We ended up having a great conversation, but even beyond the details I was seeking for, I left the call inspired.

I am building Pivvt to help out creators just like him, and each and every one of these creators are entrepreneurs in their own right. We are all out there giving our best to build something great and I am energized seeing the success of others, as we all seek after the true American Dream.

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