#18: What keeps me up at night - Beachhead market

3 weeks
I am laying here in bed wide awake. I have a very clear idea of the problem I’m trying to solve as an entrepreneur, but finding the right starting point to build traction with an initial market is tough. How do you discover an initial customer base that has a distinct problem that you can provide a solution for?

I’ve tried a number of hypotheses and the general excitement was there, but actions spoke differently than words. I’ve been tapping into a space that draws interest, but haven’t nailed a pain point that is triggering an immediate response. I haven’t quite landed on the right value proposition for my customers.

I’ve done some early experiments which included a brief survey and some customer conversations. What has been generally universal is that creators are pressed for time. Many are doing their creations as a side gig with aspirations that one day out could become a business. I need to provide them value by saving them time in some way.

Another interesting point is that there seems to primarily be interest in video creation (YouTube and Tik Tok) and/or podcasting. Some are blogging but most seem to be focused on video or audio. I think I need to really focus my attention on these specific kinds of creators. This is a popular niche that has momentum and a growing need for value.

So that’s it. My beachhead market is YouTubers and podcasters that want to save time. See how easy that was? Ok now to figure out exactly what the solution will need to be... 😆

Photo by Michael Olsen on Unsplash

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