John Dodson 1 month
The Name Image and Likeness debate continues amid the ongoing pandemic, as legislation in the earliest states are set to trigger at the beginning of fall 2021. As it is an issue with national implications, It is good to see that members of congress are looking into tackling the challenge.

The disruption to the college athletics fundraising machine is real, and schools are going to have to adjust to the upcoming change in the landscape. This excerpt from the article points out a big risk that many may not have put much attention to.

The lack of protection for schools’ sponsorship agreements will bring opposition from some college administrators, who have expressed concern that companies ranging from global shoe-and-apparel outfits to local car dealerships might reallocate money from deals with schools to deals with athletes.

The story continues. College sports is set for a big change and who knows what everything will look like after the dust settles.

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