#3: Discovering and working with a mentor

John Dodson 4 weeks
My earliest attempt at entrepreneurship revolved around careers, and mentorship was a major focus of what I was trying to build. As I have spent time as an entrepreneur, the value of a mentor remains just as relevant to startups.

I have interacted with a number of people over these past couple of years and some have been very influential, and others while very helpful, were clearly not as interested in the relationship. What has been surprising is that I have found the most support in someone that I did not even imagine being a mentor. This relationship is one that naturally evolved into one of respect and support.

Having someone to bounce ideas off of, ask quick questions, and be accountable to with occasional updates, has been a huge boost to my focus and productivity. Even more important has been the realization that mentors will give advice, but I still have to filter through feedback and make decisions and execute on them. Effectively utilizing a mentor goes beyond using them as a crutch, relying on what they can give to you, but leveraging every interaction as a focused energy boost to help you move forward.

In the end, your success is entirely up to you. Mentors are like coaches sitting on the sidelines of a tennis match--on match day, their work is complete. You are the player and it is up to you to play the game.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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