#24: What keeps me up at night - Loneliness

4 months
I've heard it said many times that being an entrepreneur is lonely. That's one of the reasons why many mentors recommend lone-wolf founders to find a co-founder, to share the experience with. It's been a different experience for me because I have a co-founder, and she also just happens to be my wife. We probably have a dynamic much different than others, as I have to decipher emotions from actual disagreement. It can be tough at times, but that's everyday life, and we keep on pushing forward.

But that's not the loneliness that I'm sitting here thinking about.

Our product is backed by a huge desire and motivation to help others. We are doing what we are doing with hopes that we can help to open up opportunities for creative entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, but we are starting from scratch. The loneliness that I feel is the part where I am motivated to help everyone that I can possibly help, but it is hard to get the time of day from most. I understand why, as we all operate in a noisy environment where everyone wants our business.

But I just want to help, and I'm not even asking for money.

It's a lonely path because I am here, trying to build a platform, trying to get attention, and trying to demonstrate the tools that we have built. It's far from perfect, but the first step in a bigger vision to create a massive amount of value. Yet I struggle to find people to listen, or to take the time to try things out.

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

It's not all loneliness though, because to those that have listened, I thank you. Those that have taken the time to hear me out, to see my vision and to try my app, provide me with the sparks of hope that keep pushing me forward. I appreciate every on of you—all future customers will follow because of the path that you helped to create for them.

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