The Creator Economy Middle Class

John Dodson 5 months
I recently came across a great article that really hit on points that I have been thinking about recently. I especially liked the term "creator economy middle class" because it really hits on problems I see on the internet today. Our entire focus at Pivvt is on this group and their audience.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be touching on the ten points discussed in the article.

For now, here is the provided summary for the article:

Right now, the creative economy on platforms like YouTube and Instagram looks a lot like the U.S. economy — there are a few big winners and a lot of people hustling to make a living and barely getting by. But it doesn’t have to be like this. Platforms can be — and sometimes are — the new vehicles for the American Dream, offering a stable, middle-class income and the promise of upward mobility. Fulfill that potential, however, is a choice: Platforms can decide how they dole out exposure and rewards, and whether they broaden users’ exposure or create filter bubbles with rigid hierarchies. The author recommends 10 policies platforms can adopt to broaden opportunity: 1) focus on content types with lower replay value, 2) serve heterogeneity in user preferences & empower niche, 3) recommend content algorithmically with an element of randomness, 4) facilitate collabs and community, 5) provide capital investment to up-and-coming creators, 6) decouple creator payouts from audience demographic, 7) allow creators to capitalize on superfans, 8) create passive (or almost-passive) income opportunities for creators, 9) offer a form of Universal Creative Income (UCI), and 10) provide creator education and training.

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