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If you are still confused about carbs after the amazing episode we did with Amy Berger MS, CNS, Dr. Eric Westman should help clear everything up again! Dr. Westman got into medicine to help people but found that the system wasn't working. After a few of his patients got healthy using the Atkins Diet, he got curious and reached out to Dr. Atkins. He's never looked back! He is the New York Times Bestselling Author of The New Atkins for a New You with doctors Volek and Phinney, and Cholesterol Clarity, with author Jimmy Moore, among others. In 2020, he wrote End Your Carb Confusion with Amy Berger, which is a simple guide to getting amazing results! He is an incredibly kind person, who truly cares about the people he serves, and we were honored to talk to him!

Find Dr. Westman at-

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