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Nicky Salapu is a star of the 2014 documentary Next Goal Wins, and the second person involved that project that we've been able to interview! The coach Thomas Rongen told us to get a hold of him, and we didn't hesitate. Nicky is the goalkeeper for National Team for American Samoa, ranked dead last in the FIFA rankings in 2011. Nicky almost quit the sport after suffering the worst loss in history in a World Cup Qualifying event, suffering a brutal 31-0 defeat against Australia in 2001. But Nicky's love of soccer kept him in the game. In 2011 he received a call from the new coach, Thomas Rongen, who was insistent that he join the team. He returned to join the team, and the qualifying tournament became something special. The story will now be released into a feature film in Hollywood, and kids playing soccer will soon be arguing over who gets to be "Nicky Salapu" in net! We are so grateful for Nicky and his persistence and humility.

Check out the podcast that Nicky cohosts- Open Mic with Chuck Tuck

And Tim Cahill's goal that we talk about. Thrilling. 

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