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Shonny Vanlandingham isn't easy to keep up with! She became the most decorated American athlete in the history of the US Pro Mountain Bike Championship Series, formerly known as NORBA. She won 15 individual races, three overall NORBA Series Championships, and made the US National Mountain Bike Team seven times. Then she switched over to triathlon, and won the World Xterra Off-Road Triathlon Championship in 2010 at age 41! After she retired, she didn't slow down at all. Between basketball, motorcycles, shooting guns, backflips on the trampoline, starting a coffee bean company in Hawaii, cornhole, real estate, or her newfound passion for pickleball, she is staying pretty busy! Her charity work is featured in the documentary Moksha, where she went to help Nepali girls practice their mountain bike skills. She also recently began driving a massive fire truck to fight wildfires! We were lucky that she sat down long enough for us to chat with her today!!

Find Shonny at-

Her van in the desert on one of her adventures. Good luck. :)

Special love to-

Clif/Luna Bars


Check her out in this SoBe commercial, circa 2002!

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