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3 months
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Sometimes we just need to keep things a bit more simple! And there is nobody better to help us understand complex topics like Amy Berger, MS, CNS! Amy has an incredible website and blog, named after her company, Tuit Nutrition.  She has written several books, including The Alzheimer's Antidote and The Stall Slayer, and both books are related to using low-carbohydrate diets to address chronic diseases like obesity, type-II diabetes, and mental disorders. Today, we focused on her latest book, End Your Carbohydrate Confusion, which she wrote with Dr. Eric Westman in 2020. In this episode, she helps us demystify a healthy diet, and teaches us how to keep things simple! We are so grateful for Amy and her awesome work!

Find Amy at-


Youtube- Tuit Nutrition- Keto Without the Crazy!

Keto Without the Crazy Masterclass!

Twitter- @tuitnutrition

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