Vulnerable Founder

Vulnerable Founder

Keeping it real about what it's really like as a founder.


The "vulnerable founder"

John Dodson, the founder of Pivvt, shares his experiences living the life of a software startup entrepreneur. When hearing about the stories of startups and their founders, we often hear about the exceptional wins and the biggest fails, almost always after the fact. These posts are about the day-to-day details about experiences, learning points, and decisions that have to be made. What is on his mind? What does he struggle with? These are the stories of the Vulnerable Founder.

Who is Pivvt?

Pivvt is a small software company from South Jordan, Utah. The team at Pivvt is working hard to build out the best content community app around. Founder and CEO, John Dodson, has spent a career in software in Tokyo, Silicon Valley, and Silicon Slopes.

What happens to your support of Vulnerable Founder?

All funds shared with Vulnerable Founder go straight into supporting the development of Pivvt. Thank you very much for your support!