John Dodson

John Dodson

Pivvt Founder & CEO


I am a product manager turned entrepreneur. As a product manager, my job was to create value. As an entrepreneur, my desire is to create value at scale. I never dreamed my career would move in this direction, but here I am.

I started Pivvt, and after a few pivots (pun partially intended), we are focused on changing the way the web is monetized. The predominant advertising model is broken -- ever use an ad blocker before? -- and it has led to all the wrong incentives in regards to technology addiction, click-bait sensationalism, and personal data abuse by powerful mega-platforms. We need a smarter, safer, and more equitable internet, and I am working to fix that.

I also enjoy getting away from my computer. You may find me at the gym, alone. I love the strength platform and find the power snatch the most fun. I have taken a liking to lawn care, which has recently extended to gardening. Ask me about my Kentucky bluegrass or my sugar baby watermelons.