Digital Booster Clubs TM

For the love of sports.

What is Pivvt?

⭐️ Pivvt brings booster clubs to the digital world. We all love our favorite teams, and Pivvt brings something for everyone involved.

🏆 Fans are able to support their favorite teams, and connect in ways beyond what exists in social today. Athletic departments are able to raise important revenue to keep their programs running, by engaging with a broader fanbase than ever before. Sponsors are able to provide unique and valuable offers to fans interested in their products and services.

Who is Pivvt?

💻 We are a small software company from South Jordan, Utah and are working hard to build out the best college sports community platform on the web. Our founder and CEO John Dodson is a big college sports fan, and has spent a career in software in Tokyo, Silicon Valley, and Silicon Slopes.

What is next?

🔥 We are working hard to get schools and sponsors onto Pivvt to provide unique experiences and opportunities for fans. Stay tuned!

💡 If you have any of the following:
  • A school we should add a Clubhouse for,
  • Any team news website that we should add to our feed,
  • An interest in getting involved in some way...