Support Your Favorite Utah Team(s)

Giving has never been easier. Why are we doing this now?
This drive concludes on Pioneer Day, July 24 at 11:59:59 MDT.

Fellow college sports fans,

Our favorite teams are struggling. The essential fundrasing they normally do has slowed. Ticket sales have stopped. Yet scholarships still need to be paid out, programs still need to be run, and we all want the return our sports!

We are running a fundraising drive for all 8 Utah NCAA programs, that closes at the end of Pioneer Day. Please help me get the attention of these athletic departments by using this app to make a donation.

At the end of the campaign, I will cut a check for the proceeds (we will charge a 5% fee on any donation higher than $50 to cover costs) and deliver it to each school. This platform has so much more to offer our favorite teams, and it starts right here with you, the fans.

Together, we will all be able to make a difference, and hopefully bring us even a few steps closer back to feeling normal again.

Thank you,
John Dodson, CEO
Pivvt Inc.

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What is this about?

The COVID-19 pandemic brought college athletics to a standstill, most notably the cancelation of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Every single school is struggling with revenue because of the loss of ticket revenue, decreased ability to fundraise, and reduction in NCAA subsidies. Athletic departments are tightening up their budgets, and some teams have already been shut down for good.

The list of schools that have been cut includes Cincinnati (men's soccer), Old Dominion (wrestling), Bowling Green (baseball), Akron (men's cross country, men's golf and women's tennis), Central Michigan (men's and women's track) and Florida International (men's track).

Utah’s eight NCAA programs are not exempt from the impact. In fact, on June 23, SUU discontinued their tennis programs. The pain is real and it's hitting close to home.

We are making an effort to bring attention to the situation, make it easy for fans to support their favorite program(s), and have fun in the process.

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Why are you doing this?

We believe that we can help university athletic departments provide greater support to their teams and student athletes by strengthening connections with their fans. We believe that fans can have an even better experience by being able to engage more directly with the teams they love and support. That is why we are building Pivvt.

Utah is just the beginning and we plan on moving to programs across the country after we are able to establish ourselves in-state first.

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Is this secure?

Yes! We use Stripe for all payment processing, and never see or receive your credit card details.

Your personal information is also secure, and schools will only be able to access it if they take official ownership of their community. We will not use or sell your personally identifiable information to any third party.

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Why should I use Pivvt to give to my favorite team?

  • Our goal is to make it easy to give and engage. We will not force you to fill a really long form full of many questions you don't want or need to answer.
  • Giving via Pivvt will give you access to an unofficial team community of similar fans. Schools will be able to claim and take ownership of these communities, making them official.

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Who are you?

We are a small software startup working out of South Jordan, trying to build something great, and we love sports! Our CEO John Dodson has been working in software since 2008 in Tokyo, Silicon Valley, and Silicon Slopes, and has been a big fan of college sports since growing up in Hawaii. (Go Bows!)

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How does it work?

  1. Donate to your favorite team, or teams.
  2. Use the link in the confirmation email to complete your account, if it is your first time giving.
  3. Login to your team Clubhouse, and join in discussions with other fans of your team.

Once the drive completes, Pivvt will write a check for the raised amount (we will charge a 5% fee to cover costs on single donations larger than $50) and will deliver payment to each of the eight schools. After the drive completes, it will still be possible to donate to your team, but our focus will be on working with schools directly to hand off their community to them.

Through this process, our goal is that all Utah schools will see the value of our platform and officially take over their respective fan community page.

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What is the Clubhouse?

The Pivvt Clubhouse is an intimate social community that brings fans of the same program together, away from the noise that you normally see on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each Clubhouse is owned and managed by its team (once claimed), which allows it to take on a personality and culture of its own.

As an example, we are using the Clubhouse app to post our own news: Visit it here.

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